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Bona Lesedi has a new home

Bona Lesedi has a new home

The main reason for relocation is that, in 20 years since its founding, Bona Lesedi has been operating from a collection of mobile containers and pre-fabricated huts in the same 2236 m2 land parcel belonging to the Human Settlements Portfolio (Infrastructure Development) and lately entered into 5 years leasing agreement which is running up until June 2021.


The size of the site limits the numbers who can attend on a daily basis to 60 members; however, the needs of the community are far greater and cannot build a permanent structure as a result of lease conditions.


The application dated 16 March 2018 was declined reason because the Human Settlement do not donate land to private organisations, which left us with no options other than alternative means in case they decide to terminate the lease.

CP and Treatment rooms which did not present a very inspiring image of services provided.
It's difficult to keep volunteers and staff motivated in such an environment
Corrugated iron rooms used as classrooms for mental health which were very cold in winter and hot in summer.
The impression given was not one of quality.

Abcon Group Foundation came to our rescue by donating a 2 hectare property which is 5 minutes drive from Diepsloot near Midrand.

Service users are now enjoying sense of belonging and ownership and our team has renewed energy to provide the best possible services. The children themselves are delighted with the open space and beautiful rooms. This better represents the disability sector.

The property has huge potential for projects and facilities, including a recreation and promotion centre, farming and sports. There is ample parking, it is far more secure and includes high fences and an alarm system.
Our new reception foyer, presenting a professional image.
Our new Boardroom
Aggripa's office, more private and quiet.